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Community College Student Fees Might Rise

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Student fees for community colleges could also go up.

Columbia College President Jim Riggs says leaders of the 108 state community college system are looking at possibly raising student fees.

“There´s been discussion on whether we are going to keep them at the current $11 per unit or move them to $18 per unit,” Riggs said. He said at one point discussion was to consider moving the fee up to $20 per unit.

Riggs admits there are still a number of questions how this could be done at the local Columbia College campus.

“So, we´re looking at how to assess students when they register,” he said. “Do you plan to bill them if the state legislature chooses to make it at $18? Or, do you charge them at $18 then reimburse 4,000 students $6 or $7 per unit?”

So far, no increase has been acted upon.