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Wet Weather Helps Sierra Snowpack

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Wet springtime storms the past week have added quite a bit of moisture to the Sierra snow pack. It´s a good sign, but officials remain cautious as to what affect that will have on water supplies this summer.

California Department of Water resources state hydrologist Maury Roos said the Sierra region got a good amount of snow and precipitation, but the central Sierra region benefited most from the wet weather. “It´s been running a little bit dry in March,” Roos said. “Quite dry actually.”

State water watchers say the past week€™s storms could boost projections of summertime run-off as much as 10 percent.

Cattle ranchers in the state are happy with the wet weather saying the rain will improve pasture conditions. Scattered reports of hail and strong winds caused concerns for central valley tree-fruit and nut growers.