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Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Fail Test

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A kennel owner is accused of selling bomb-sniffing dogs that couldn´t sniff and failed to find as much as 50 pounds of dynamite in the trunk of a car.

A prosecutor told a US District Court jury yesterday that Russell Ebersole earned $700,000 in federal contracts. The prosecutor says Ebersole took advantage of security concerns after the Sept. 11 attacks. He got contracts to supply dogs and dog handlers to the State Department and the Federal Reserve Board in Washington. He also supplied security to the IRS Service Center in Fresno, California, and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency´s Disaster Field Office in New York. But the assistant US attorney says Ebersole´s dogs failed at least five tests of their explosives detecting skills.

Detector Dogs Against Drugs and Explosives is based in Stephenson, Virginia.