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Supervisors Allow Higher Rents

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Tenants at the Columbia Mobile Home park who are on rent control will start paying higher rent. Most of the residents there are on rent control. The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a proposal to allow the owners of the park to raise the monthly rents about $17 per space.

The owners of the park on Parrots Ferry Road say that under the county€™s rent control ordinance, they are entitled to a fair rate of return.

The board decided to allow the increased rent to be phased in over two years. So for example, if the rent on a space is going to go up by $16, that tenant will start paying $8 more per month this year, and another $8 next year.

The owners say that since the county needs more affordable housing, and mobile homes are one form of that, the county should try to create an environment in which investors will want to build mobile home parks.