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Supes Approve Mono Village Expansion

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The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors has made a zoning change that will allow for a large expansion project at Mono Village Apartments. The owner of the complex on Lolly Lane, David Rogers, wants to add three new buildings with 24 apartments to the 78 apartments already there. The project also includes more parking spaces and a pedestrian trail.

Board Chairman Mark Thornton voted against the re-zone because he fears that making that area a “multiple use” zone will allow the developer to, at some point, use the new buildings for a commercial use.

“I can´t in clear conscience approve this thing,” Thornton said. “I think the general plan (of the county) could be amended to reflect that this should be only a residentially zoned area,” he said. Supervisor Jim Peterson joined Thornton in voting against the re-zone.

Superviors also wanted to see more opportunites for recreation at the apartment complex.

“There´s got to be room…to put some sort of a recreation thing for kids,” said Supervisor Larry Rotelli. “I would sure as blazes hope that the planning department would from now on relay those concerns to the planning commission about requiring recreation facilities,” Rotelli said. “Other than that, I have no problem with the M.U. (Multiple Use),” he said.

The board approved the re-zone 3-2, with Supervisors Dick Pland, Paolo Maffei, and Larry Rotelli supporting the project.