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Supervisors Send Concerns To CalCo Over Tuscany

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With a deadline looming, county staff yesterday had to make some quick modifications to a letter from the Tuolumne County Government, so that it could be sent to Calaveras County officials.

The subject: Potential effects of the proposed Tuscany Hills development near Lake Tulloch in Calaveras County.

Community development director Bev Shane presented the original letter in the morning, but some changes had to be made, and Shane returned with an improved draft of the letter.

“Yes, we went back and did some editing, based upon [the board´s] comments. I believe we´ve included your concerns, which you stated this morning, in the letter, as well as making some editorial changes,” Shane told the Supervisors Tuesday.

Darren Grose, from the Tuolumne County Public Works department, described some of the changes to the letter suggested by supervisors.

“Comments regarding the bridge improvements, improvements to O´Byrnes Ferry Road, as well as Highway 120, those were of course in addition to the focus discusstion that was in the original letter, on the intersection of [Highway] 120 and O´Byrnes Ferry Road,” said Grose Tuesday.

The board voted 4-1 to approve the letter. Chairman Dick Pland was the single ´No´ vote.

The deadline for input on the Tuscany Hills project is Wednesday.