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Electronic Waste, Old Tires to be Collected at Fairgrounds

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A first of its kind event happens in Sonora tomorrow, and it´s all about old computer parts and old tires.

Tuolumne County is offering an “electronic waste and tire collection event” for households tomorrow from 9 to 1.

Anyone with old computers, TVs, stereo equipment, and so on can bring the stuff down to the Mother Lode Fairgrounds for free, and experts can professionally deal with the toxic materials inside.

Solid Waste Manager Mark Rappaport says each household can bring as many as three electronic items and nine tires.

“We´re classifying the electronic units as a computer system, the computer system would count as one thing, [including] the keyboard, the speakers, the mouse, and the printer,” Rappaport said Thursday.

It´s actually against the law to throw items containing hazardous substances in the regular trash, so this kind of event is an environmental boon.

And for folks who miss this weekend´s event…

“We also have the county-wide Clean-Up Day Coupon Program, where you can dispose large, hard-to-handle waste except for TV and computer monitors. But tires and refrigerators and things like that [are collected] at no charge. Contact your garbage collection company for that,” Rappaport recommends.

But as for this weekend, the waste collection event runs from 9 to 1 tomorrow… at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.