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Kerry Takes California, Boxer Beats Jones

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No winner has been declared yet in the race for the White House — but it was a decisive victory in California for Democrat John Kerry.

With 85 percent of precincts reporting, Kerry led Bush 55 to 44 percent.

Exit polls showed women favored Kerry by a three-to-two edge, and the senator swept black, Hispanic and Asian voters by significant margins.

One in five voters who identified themselves as conservatives voted for Kerry, as did about three-fifths of independent voters.

Bush´s advantages were among Christian voters, white men and the wealthiest tier of Californians, according to the exit poll.

Democrat Barbara Boxer is heading back to Washington for a third term in the U-S Senate.

Boxer easily held on to her Senate seat yesterday in a sweeping victory over Republican challenger Bill Jones.

She´s only the third California senator since 1850 to be elected to three full Senate terms.

Earlier, Boxer said the results show Californians “seem to feel that I stand up and fight for them.”

Jones called Boxer to congratulate her. He says the people of California have made their decision and he respects that.

Californians have said yes to stem cell research, boosting D-N-A collections from suspected felons and limiting business lawsuits.

But they rejected two competing measures that would have expanded California´s gambling industry and said no to a measure that would weaken California´s three-strikes law.

Voters also rejected Proposition 67.

The measure would have added a three percent surcharge to telephone calls, with an estimated 500 million dollars in annual revenue going to hospitals and doctors for emergency and trauma care for the uninsured.

Voters also defeated Proposition 72, which would require businesses to provide health care coverage for about one million employees.

Gambling Issues, Three-Strikes Revision Rejected