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Bass Defeats Rotelli

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City councilwoman and former Sonora Mayor Liz Bass has defeated incumbent Larry Rotelli for the District 1 seat on the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors.

This morning, Bass praised Rotelli for a job well done, but admitted to some excitement as well.

“I guess, way way down deep where we all live, there is an excitement about winning that is always there, but in my case, I´m 64-years-old, so that´s tempered by the knowledge that every time you win, someone has to lose, and that I wish didn´t happen,” Bass said via telephone this morning.

As far as what´s going to happen to Bass´s seat on the Sonora City Council… Bass says she´s not sure.

“My term ends on the council in March of 2006. Rather than go to the expense of another election, my guess is there will be an appointment to fill the remainder of that term,” Bass said.

And we spoke with Larry Rotelli, the incumbent District One supervisor.

“The majority of the voters either wanted somebody new, or thought I was in there too long. There´s all sorts of reasons why I probably lost votes during this election. Various things going on that they attributed to me,” Rotelli said this morning.

What are Rotelli´s plans for the future?

“Continue working, probably, collecting my PERS (public employee retirement system) from the County. At least I´ll get to do that, since I won´t be in office any longer, I can collect my retirement system,” Rotelli quipped.

And, asked for any advice he has for his successor, Rotelli said Bass should simply “Do her homework, and make the best decision she can. You´re not going to make everybody happy, that´s for damn sure. All you can do is make the best informed decision you can, and go from there.”