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Deliberations Begin in Peterson Trial

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Jurors in Redwood City, California, have begun deliberations in Scott Peterson´s double murder trial.

Judge Alfred Delucchi took about 45 minutes to read jury instructions before sending the panel off to begin deliberations.

Jurors will be sequestered during the process.

Jurors have two choices, should they decide to convict Peterson for the deaths of his wife and her fetus — first- or second-degree murder.

First-degree murder convictions bring a possible death sentence or life without parole.

A conviction on the second-degree murder charges would mean jurors found Peterson killed his wife and her fetus, but didn´t plan it.

Lawyers from both sides finished their closing arguments today.

Prosecutors got the last word in the case, using their rebuttal to attack the theory that someone other than Scott Peterson kidnapped and killed Laci Peterson and then framed him with the crime.

Prosecutors told the jury that idea is simply not reasonable.

They insisted that no one could have thrown Laci Peterson´s body into a nearby bay in order to frame her husband.