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Veterans Saluted in Tuolumne City

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Today is Veteran´s Day, and despite the rainy weather, ceremonies went on today, indoors, at the Tuolumne City Veterans Memorial Hall.

While the old-timers might know the holiday as Armistice Day, November the 11th was originally a day to honor those who fought in the Great War, World War I.

In 1954, Congress approved the change, deleting the word “Armistice” and replacing it with the term “Veterans”.

Music, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance were all part of Tuesday´s event, which also included original poetry with a Veteran´s Day theme, along with war stories.

While many children were doubtlessly watching television or playing video games with their day off from school, some youngsters did take time out to join their families at the event, saluting veterans everywhere.

Stories of fallen war heroes of the U.S. Coast Guard were told by special guest speaker Russ Goodwin, who, in his role as chaplain, also led the audience in a memorial prayer.

Postquartermaster Rusty Jones said much of the credit for today´s event goes to VFW Post 4748´s Commander, Tom Slaght.

Slaght himself saluted the young and old soldiers, without whom this country might not exist.

“It´s a tremendous crowd, and we´re glad to see them all here, in spite of the weather,” Slaght said Tuesday.

Slaght also thanked the Summerville High School Junior ROTC Corps for their part in the event.