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Injured Lawyer Delays King Trial

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There´s a delay in the case of a utility worker here in Tuolumne County, accused of having sex with a teenage girl.

The delay in this case is due to an injured attorney.

43-year-old James King is charged with 39 counts, including possession of steroids for sale, possessing and transporting illegal assault weapons and ammunition, and having sex with an underage girl back in March.

King´s attorney, Richard Hanlon, told judge Eric DuTemple this week that he´d injured his back and couldn´t represent King adequately.

The judge contacted Hanlon´s doctor to confirm, and rescheduled the first trial, involving the underage girl, for January 26th.

The second trial, involving the steroids and weapons, won´t be held until the conclusion of the first trial.

King has pleaded not guilty to all charges, and is free on 30-thousand dollars bail.