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Agencies Consider Draining Hetch Hetchy

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Is it possible that the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park could be undammed, creating basically another Yosemite Valley?

It´s been a long-debated proposal, and it´s come back up in the state assembly.

The Department of Water Resources and the Department of Parks and Recreation are looking at the issue from all sides, say officials.

Thanks to the O´Shaughnessy Dam, the Hetch Hetchy Valley has provided drinking water to the Bay Area for over 80 years.

Lawmakers say they´re still talking to farmers and cities who must go along with the plan when it´s approved.

Environmentalists like the idea too. They´ve protested the reservoir for many years.

It´s still not clear where the water, and the hydroelectricity provided by the dam, would come from if the long-discussed plan was enacted.