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Peterson Convicted of First, Second Degree Murder

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Scott Peterson was convicted today of first-degree murder for the death of his pregnant wife — but the prosecution hasn´t started crowing about their victory just yet.

All the parties in the case remain under a gag order until Peterson´s sentence is determined.

The sentencing phase of the trial begins in November 22nd, and Peterson faces a possible death sentence for the first-degree conviction.

He was also found guilty of second-degree murder for the death of Laci´s fetus, the unborn son the couple planned to name Conner.

It was an emotional scene at the courtroom in Redwood City, with the crowd of hundreds outside cheering and some people pumping their fists as the guilty verdict came down.

Peterson had maintained his innocence, claiming he was fishing when his wife vanished.

The jury felt otherwise, and after two of them were booted earlier this week, the newly formed panel took only eight hours to deliberate and convict the former fertilizer salesman.

More people continue to stream to Scott Peterson´s home in Modesto, paying their respects to his wife who he´s now been convicted of killing.

One man kneeled and prayed in Peterson´s front yard while others left flowers.

Several high school students also came by the home after watching television coverage of the verdict reading in their nearby classrooms.

Students cheered as the verdict was read.

Police wrapped yellow crime scene tape around the home, attempting to limit some of the foot traffic to the house.

But the procession of heavy-hearted Modesto locals continues at the place where Laci once lived.