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Report: Mother Lode Often Predicts Winning Presidents

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A new analysis released yesterday by the Secretary of State´s office shows how closely California counties have predicted presidential elections over the years.

The analysis starts with President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 and ends with the Kerry/Bush Battle from last week.

Tuolumne County has matched up with the final results of the national election in 21 out of 24 elections.

The only counties that have done better are Merced and Ventura Counties, with 22 out of 24 elections.

Calaveras County matched the winner of the national races 19 out of the 24 times.

The county that did the worst in predicting the national elections´ final outcomes was Alpine County, the least populous county in California, they still did better than half though, with 14 of the 24 elections held matching up over the years.