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Fires Burning This Morning In Mother Lode

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Several fires burning this morning in the Mother Lode.

Sonora City firefighters responded to a grass fire Green Street off Snell Street near City Hall. Police units say local citizens have put the fire out.

Additional firecrews are now responding to a wildfire burning in the Columbia area off Big Hill Road, around Yankee Hill Road. Firefighters at the scene says they are having a heck of a time reaching the blaze. They are trying to get a firefighting helicopter to fight the blaze, but local resources have been sent to Southern California. Dispatchers say the closest CDF helicopter is in the Monterey area.

Calaveras County firecrews have finally reached a wildfire burning near West Point — in the remote Blue Creek area off Spur Four and Winton Road.

That fire said to be an acre in size but is spreading slowly. A dozer from Sierra Pacific Industries and inmate fire crews have been called in to battle the blaze.