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Columbia Farmory Moving To Jamestown

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Jamestown, CA – The Columbia Farmory is moving to Jamestown next month.

Currently, operating next to the Columbia airport, Owner of Mountain People Organics Incorporated, which bought the farmory last year, Sarah Barnum, tells Clarke Broadcasting the COVID-19 pandemic helped to seal the deal to pull up roots in Columbia and replant the business in the neighboring town.

Barnum recounts, “We were doing the best we can. The county was working overtime trying to help us with the situation as the building is old and needs a lot of upkeep. When COVID came into play and their resources were stretched very thin. It got very apparent to us that we needed to make some new decisions.”

That included looking in the surrounding communities to find a new home. Barnum claims there was some divine intervention at work, “We looked at some different places and I reached out to people… and low and behold one has literally fallen into our lap. I swear it’s a gift.”

That gift is the old Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shop building located at 18275 Highway 108 in Jamestown that has sat empty since January of last year when the dealership closed.  It is a two-story building and for more space, Barnum bought the building behind it for a total of just over 7,000 sq. ft. She adds the goal is to have a bakery, deli and fresh organic fruits and vegetables along with other vendors.

“We will have some booths, but we want that hometown marketplace feel,” shares Barnum. Regarding the number of vendors, “We’re working with the county on that because they do give us guidelines on how close they need to be and COVID does affect that as well. We need to be able to space out…We’re thinking at least ten to twelve different vendors could possibly be in there with us.”

The Columbia Farmory will close at the end of this month. Everything is tentative at this point, says Barnum, who relays they are still working out the details including the hours of operation.

“That is still up in the air. We will be extending to more days. We are looking at being open five days a week instead of just two days a week…May be Tuesday through Saturday and even earlier hours, 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning until 5, maybe even 5:30 p.m.”

The new business is slated to open sometime in mid-July, but even the date is fluid at this point, acknowledges Barnum.