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CHP Officers Use Shooting Simulator As Practice

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Jamestown, CA — Local Highway Patrol Officers are brushing up on their shooting skills using a life-size video game.

Officer Brad Schultz says they have had a shooting simulator at the Jamestown office all week and officers go through different training scenarios including, hostage situations, burglaries, and traffic stops gone wrong.

Schultz says they have use of the truck twice a year and he believes it is a good way for the CHP officers to practice scenarios that are not very common on the Highways they patrol.

The exercise involves a large screen at one end of the enclosed truck and a computer at the other. An officer sits at the computer and gives commands to the program that show up on the screen for the shooting officer to react to.

A handgun is used and although there are no bullets the sound effects and life-size characters make for a very realistic experience.