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County Could Avert Layoffs

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A $1.5 million budget shortfall in Calaveras County won´t necessarily mean layoffs for County employees.

That´s the word from 2nd District Supervisor Steve Wilensky. Board members and County Administrative Officer Tom Mitchell discussed the possibility of future layoffs when they met last week. Consolidation of some departments may save the county some revenue. Wilensky says there may be a number of items in the county´s expenditures that could be trimmed back to save money and avert layoffs.

“We could eliminate common housings. Have a single copy center, instead of several differnet copy machines scattered about. We could have a centralized reception area, train and cross-train people working at the front desk.”

Wilensky says the County Administrator will confer with the county´s department managers to explore ways of saving money without letting employees go.