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Grant Money Update Presented To Supervisors

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Tuesday morning at the regular session of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors, officials heard a presentation on Community Development Block Grants and HOME Investment Partnerships.

It´s a complicated set of numbers, and no action was taken, said Senior Administrative Analyst Maureen Frank on Tuesday.

Tuolumne County has been participating in CDBGs, or Community Development Block Grants, since the year 1982, and in HOME Investment Partnership Programs since the year 2000. Those funds have gone toward housing rehabilitation, public services, community facilities, and public works projects, along with certain small business loans and first time homebuyers programs.

Frank said that, in many cases, grant money is spread over a period longer than one year, so the numbers don´t always break down easily.

But for the year 2005, $420,000 has been earmarked for the ICES facility, while other money is going toward senior meals, job training, the food bank, and storm drainage.

The update and fact sheet were presented for the information of the Board of Supervisors, during their regular session on Tuesday.