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Calaveras Horse Owner Speaks Out

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By Vanessa Turner

For the first time since county residents protested the condition of her underweight horses on Highway 49 and Calaveras County officials mandated a feeding regiment for the horses, Jenna Davis made a public plea for help.

Davis, 31, of Stockton, told the Enterprise on Thursday: “I need help. I don´t want to lose my horses.”

The condition of Davis´ six horses spurred some residents to call regulatory agencies last week prompting an investigation and subsequent feeding regiment for the horses.

Davis, who´s owned and been around horses most of her life, paid $30,000 to rescue the horses in early 2004 from Bay Meadows Race Track in San Mateo.

Her goal was to have the horses help with troubled teenagers. But after two of her partners backed out, she was left the cost and maintenance of their care.

Steve Brooks, the owner of the 17-acres where the horses are, was one of her partners. Shortly after getting the horses Davis said she was landlocked out of using a road that led to the stables. Transporting the food and water became a chore but nonetheless she continued to do it.

Davis was in a car accident a few months ago, in which her car was totaled, making it hard for her to come up everyday. That´s when the horses´ condition worsened, she said.

Although she said the horses aren´t that bad off.

“They´re not that ill,” Davis said. “They´re not that bad. They´re just a little underweight.”

Her car is in the shop pending payment of an $800 bill, she said.

“All the money I´m getting I take to my horses.”

The horses´ feeding regiment is two flakes of oat/alfalfa hay twice a day, which Davis is getting help with from a Calaveras County neighbor. She tries to come up herself every two days.

Davis is in the process of placing some of the horses in homes right now closer to where she lives, she said.

“Right now I´m going through some hardships,” Davis said. “I really wish that people would help instead of just to being attacked.”

“I don´t mind the help,” she said noting she would even take donations.

Davis is not currently employed although she said she works for herself, cleaning houses, babysitting and caring for her friends.

Reprinted With Permission From the Calaveras Enterprise

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