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Supervisors Vote To Retain Car Registration Fee Increase

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A $4 increase in vehicle registration fees approved last month by Tuolumne Supervisors will remain intact.

The Board met on Tuesday to consider possibly rescinding the new fee. The fees will officially rise in October. The extra $4 per vehicle fee increase will go to fund the Tuolumne County Air District. Supervisor Dick Pland says the 3 supervisors that voted in favor of the increase last month refused to alter their votes in spite of some pressure from residents angry over the increase.

“No changes were made. It was apparent the vote would remain 3-2, so no action was taken.”

Supervisors Pland and Thornton voted against the increase, while Supervisors Bass, Maffei and Peterson voted in favor of it. Possible ways the money will be spent include purchasing new equipment for the Air District, providing more training and hiring additional staff.