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Library to get a High Tech Installation for Computer Users

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Friends of Tuolumne County Library have announced a $1,000 commitment that will make the worldwide resources of the Internet more convenient to wireless computer patrons of the library´s main branch on Greenley Road in Sonora.

Funds will pay for the hardware, telephone expense and other costs associated with a wireless internet connection, according to Mark Plummer, president of the Friends board of directors. Internet service is provided by Mother Lode Internet of Sonora who are leaders in the provision of wireless and dsl connections for The Mother Lode.

Connie Corcoran, county Director of Library Services said, ” The new installation will be a huge technological step forward for our library. It will allow visitors with their own laptop computers to log on to the Internet, greatly enhancing the existing research resources that we offer.”

The main branch library now has six computers at which patrons can access the Internet. The wireless Internet connection will make it possible for as many as 100 or more to simultaneously access the Internet from anywhere in the library.

Here,typically, is how it will work: An electronic device, called a router, will be mounted on a library wall. A person with a laptop computer equipped with an inexpensive wireless Internet card will be able to make a wireless connection with the router which will , in turn, connect him to the Internet. From there the user can send or receive e-mail, do research or tap into any of the Internet´s many other features.

Corcoran said, “Wireless Internet promises to be another powerful learning and communication tool and we look forward eagerly to the installation. At this time we have no plans to install a coffee bar to go with it…but wouldn´t that be great?”

The library´s installation should be up and running in a matter of weeks, she said.

Friends of Tuolumne County Library is a 501C3 charitable organization. All contributions to it are deductible to the extent provided by the law. Its address is P>O>box 198 Sonora, Ca 95370