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Peterson Half -Sister Tells Her Story

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) __ A new book written by Scott Peterson´s half-sister is painting the now-familiar picture of Peterson as a cheating husband.

But it also sheds new light on Jackie Peterson, describing her as a mother willing to go to great lengths to try to save her son. Anne Bird was given up for adoption by Jackie Peterson in 1965 and did not reconnect with the family until five years before the 2002 murder of Peterson´s wife, Laci, and her fetus.

Her book, “Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson is Guilty” went on sale yesterday. Bird recounts how Jackie Peterson tried to persuade Bird to testify during the penalty phase of Peterson´s double-murder trial, but she refused. The book closes with a chapter about Bird´s final visit to Peterson in jail a little more than a month ago. He assured her he would be released after his appeals