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People Injured,Chimpanzees Dead

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CALIENTE, Calif. (AP) __ Two people were seriously injured and two chimpanzees were shot dead today in Kern County after several chimps broke from their cages at an animal sanctuary and attacked workers.

One of the injured workers was airlifted to Kern Medical Center and is in critical condition after the chimps attacked employees at Animal Haven Ranch (about 20 miles southeast of Bakersfield). The other employee is in serious condition. Animal Haven employees shot and killed two of the escaped chimpanzees, but two other chimps remain on the loose. Officials say it is unclear how the animals escaped from their cages.

Animal Haven Ranch has held state permits to shelter animals since 1985 and serves as a sanctuary for animals that have been confiscated or discovered lost. It is allowed to house up to nine primates at one time and is home to one spider monkey and six chimpanzees. The permits are held by Ralph and Virginia Brauer.