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Judge sentences Scott Peterson to death for killing pregnant wife

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A judge has formally ordered that Scott Peterson be sentenced to die at San Quentin State Prison forthe slayings of his wife and her fetus.

Judge Alfred A. Delucci (duh-LOO-kee) rejected defense arguments that the juror improperly experimented with the boat prosecutors say Peterson used to dump his pregnant wife´s body in the bay.

The defense is trying to get Peterson a new trial.

The judge said “It is hereby ordered that … for the offense of the murder of Laci Peterson … and the murder of Conner Peterson … that the defendant Scott Lee Peterson shall be put to death.”

In upholding the jury´s recommendation, the judge found that the killings “were cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous.”

Peterson was invited to make a statement to the court. But after several minutes of discussion with his attorneys, he declined.

Now he´s headed for Death Row at San Quentin.