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Peterson Headed to Death Row

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) __ Scott Peterson is now headed for Death Row at San Quentin. Officials say he could be moved there most likely by Friday.

After he´s strip-searched, he´ll get a shower, a haircut and state-issued clothing. He´ll be photographed and assigned a Department of Corrections identification number.

He´ll most likely live in a building known as East Block where cells are stacked in tiers fronted by narrow walkways that can´t be used as common areas.

Inmates there remain locked in their 5-by-9-foot cells except during the limited hours they are allowed outdoors for exercise. Peterson is the 644th prisoner awaiting death in San Quentin´s execution chamber.

But given the way the courts work in California, there´s no telling whether he will ever receive that lethal injection.

Peterson will likely sit for more than five years before he is appointed an attorney for his first, mandatory appeal to the California Supreme Court. San Quentin is located on the edge of San Francisco Bay, about 10 miles from where Peterson supposedly dumped his pregnant´s wife body.