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The Finger In the Wendy’s Chili Case Gets Thicker

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The case of the finger allegedly found in a bowl of Wendy´s chili is getting thicker and thicker.

The woman who claims she bit into a human finger at a Wendy´s in San Jose has a history of going to court, facing debtors´ liens and filing lawsuits — including a suit against another fast-food restaurant in Nevada. Anna Ayala has been involved in more than half a dozen court battles. She once sued her boss, seeking a half (m) million dollars for sexual harassment, and sued a dealership alleging the wheel fell off her car. Court records show the latter suit was dismissed after she fired her lawyer, who said she had threatened him.

Speaking through the front door of her Las Vegas home Friday, Ayala claims police are out to get her. Police in San Jose joined the Las Vegas police fraud unit in a search of her home in Las Vegas on Wednesday as they investigate how a finger ended up in Ayala´s bowl of chili at the San Jose Wendy´s.