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Wendy’s Giving Away Free Frosties

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With its accuser´s claim labeled a hoax, Wendy´s restaurants are now hoping to bring their customers back.

Since Anna Ayala said she found a finger in a bowl of Wendy´s chili, the company says it has lost $2.5 million in Northern California.

And Wendy´s says the drop in business forced layoffs and reduced hours.

But investigators now say it was a hoax, and Ayala has been arrested on a charge of attempted larceny.

Wendy´s is taking steps to get customers back. Its restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area are offering free Frosties this weekend.

Some customers have remained loyal. One man ordering two bowls of chili at a San Jose restaurant yesterday joked about it, saying of Wendy´s workers:

“If they´ve got ten fingers, it´s O-K with me.”