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U-S EPA Sued For Not Protecting Farm Children From Pesticides

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San Francisco, CA — The federal government has failed to protect the children of farmworkers from the harmful effects of pesticides.

That´s according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by farmworkers, environmentalists and public health advocates.

The suit alleges the U-S Environmental Protection Agency has ignored scientific evidence that children who grow up near farms face increased health risks from exposure to hazardous pesticides from air, soil, water, food and clothing.

In the United States, more than 1 million children of farmworkers live near farms, including more than 300,000 children younger than six years old who are especially vulnerable to pesticide exposure.

The suit was filed by plaintiffs including the Pesticide Action Network, United Farm Workers of America and Natural Resources Defense Council.

The E-P-A says its decisions are protective of children´s health and fully meet the toughest scientific and legal standards.