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Elder Abuse…Is It A Problem In The Area?

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Sonora, CA — According to Peggy Osborn with the California Attorney Generals Office, crimes against the elderly are on the upswing.

Just this week a Calaveras County woman was taken to the Hospital and her adult caretakers were taken to jail, when she was found covered in bugs, and suffering from severe bed sores.

The room and bed she was confined to were in such a neglected state that the Hazardous Materials team was called in to ventilate it for investigators.

Osborn said that more than 225,000 Californians become victims of elder and dependant adult abuse each year and two-thirds of abusers are family members.

Osborn believes that you don´t have to know elder abuse is going on, you just have to suspect it.

There are several types of abuse to look for including physical mistreatment, emotional abuse, financial harm, and in the Valley Springs case, neglect.

Osborn said that elder abuse thrives in silence, so if you would like to report a possible crime, call 1-888-436-3600.