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Sonora Firm Lands $3 Million Defense Contract

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Sonora, CA — A local Sonora firm has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by the U.S. Defense Department for a state-of-the-art sighting system for ground troops.

Congressman George Radanovich announced yesterday that Land Tec Incorporated in Sonora will receive $3 million for research, development and testing of what is called the “SmartSight” system under the fiscal year 2006 appropriations bill.

The SmartSight is said to provide an improved ability for ground troops to accurately aim direct-fire weapons under cover in close combat situations using indirect view display technology.

Radanovich says the technology will save on maintenance costs, in addition to saving military equipment and lives.

An additional $3 million contract has also been awarded to Westland Technologies in Modesto for the development of radar absorbing tiles for military ships.