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Voters Favor Restrictions On Unions Dues For Political Campaigns

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Sacramento, CA — A new statewide poll finds that a majority of voters are supporting a measure that would restrict the use of dues paid to public employee unions for political campaigns.

The so-called Paycheck Protection initiative is expected to become a major focal point in the November 8th election. If approved, it would require public employee unions to get permission annually of its members to use dues for political purposes.

The Field Poll released today finds that 57 percent of likely voters support the measure, with 34 percent opposed and 9 percent undecided. Supporters say that most rank and file workers do not always agree with the political agenda of the union bosses.

Opponents argue that corporations do not give their shareholders the same veto power. The Field Poll also finds that two measures aimed at bringing down the cost of prescription drugs have strong support among voters statewide.

The poll shows an initiative that would require parental notification before a minor could get an abortion was favored by a smaller plurality of voters. The survey was drawn from interviews with 711 registered voters. It has a sampling error of three-point-eight percentage points.