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Prisons Scraping For Space But Dispute Parole Sweep Memos

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Sacramento, CA –California prison officials are scraping for space to accomodate more inmates.

They´re disputing memos and e-mail messages, however, that instruct parole agents not to pick up large numbers of parole violators.

Inmates are packed to overflowing in some reception centers and in others, are being bunked in gymnasiums, dry rooms and hallways.

That led to what Department of Corrections spokesmen called a misunderstanding. Parole agents were told to halt or at least seek approval before conducting “sweeps” for parole violators that might add to the crowding.

The department does indeed want parole agents to warn of any sweeps so they can prepare for any unexpected large influx of parole violators. But the department says the sweeps can continue as needed.