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Congress Says NO To The Secure Rules and Community Self Determination Act

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Sonora, CA — Prior to breaking for Christmas the Congress voted no to restoring the Secure Rules And Community Self Determination Act of 2000.

The Act has provided Tuolumne County with revenue lost due to the downturn in Mother Lode timber harvesting. Each year $1.5 million went to the County for roads while $1 million was allocated for schools. Sonora High School, the largest school in the County, received $179,000 a year.

Superintendent of Schools Joe Silva remains optimistic the new Congress will reauthorize the Act. Silva adds that Senator Barbara Boxer has now jumped on board. Already on board was Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Senators Craig of Idaho and Wyden of Oregon respectively will reintroduce the legislation following the Christmas break.

Written by Bill Johnson