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Search and Rescue Team Advice For Winter

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Sonora, Ca — Throughout the past month there have been reports of hikers and drivers getting lost in the mountainous areas of Oregon and Washington.

Deputy Dan Crow with the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Search and Rescue Team says similar situations have occurred in past years in the Motherlode. He notes that residents should go with caution, when traveling to areas that are not familiar grounds.

He says that one of the most important pieces of advice is, “If you get separated from a person and the trail splits, stop at the trail fork and stay there. Once you´ve made the assessment that you are lost, its time to stop. The further you walk a way, the longer it is going to take us to find you.”

Deputy Crow, and Search and Rescue Volunteer Mark Hahn will be the guests throughout the weekend on the program Motherlode Views, featured on the Clarke Broadcasting Stations.

Written by BJ Hansen