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Water Shortage In Cedar Ridge

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Cedar Ridge, Ca — The Tuolumne Utilities District has noticed a water shortage in one of their systems, and they would like residents to keep an eye out for a possible cause.

Operations Manager Leonard Mauro says the system they are having a problem with is Cedar Ridge. They are seeing an unusually high demand in the area, and the plant is running full speed trying to catch up.

Mauro says they suspect that people may be leaving their water running to prevent freezing. He says it could also be a situation where a vacant vacation home has a broken pipe, or there is a leak in the street that hasn´t been reported by anyone.

He is asking residents to report any leaks they may see in that area. If you know of someone in that area that is out of town, Mauro says you may want to listen or take a look in the window to make sure water is not running.

Written by BJ Hansen