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Tuolumne Narcotics Team Aids In Medical Marijuana Bust

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Modesto, CA– The Tuolumne Narcotics Team is helping to further investigate the California Healthcare Collective, Modesto´s only medical marijuana dispensary.

On September 27th, the team along with several other companies worked together to raid the Healthcare Collective as well as seven homes associated with its directors.

Officials say this followed a several month investigation where agents purchased various forms of marijuana from the clinic with fake doctor recommendations and consistently found marijuana in the hands of healthy people in Stanislaus and surrounding counties.

So far, there have been four felony arrests made for various charges including, but not limited to, possession for sales of marijuana and conspiracy to commit sales of marijuana.

Several items were seized including 60 pounds of marijuana, 34 pounds of baked goods laced with marijuana, $16,000, three handguns, and two vehicles.

Written by alisha.cruz