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A Record Setting Year For T.N.T.

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Sonora, CA — Thanks to the highly trained and highly motivated members of the Tuolumne Narcotics Team (T.N.T.), the Sheriff´s Department is enjoying a record year in the eradication of marijuana plants.

A 19 year law enforcement veteran, Bill Burr has been working narcotics for the Sheriff´s Department for five years.

Burr says marijuana growth has prospered this year due to plentiful water. At the same time, he says his team has become more experienced in searching out the grows in the county. He gives much of the credit to C.A.M.P., the state funded Campaign Against Marijuana Planting. C.A.M.P. has provided T.N.T. with helicopter support in searching out and eradicating grows in a number of remote Tuolumne County locations.

As the marijuana season comes to a close, T.N.T. has already established a record by eradicating 83,000 plants. Just a year ago, T.N.T. eradicated approximately half that amount.

According to Burr, the grows are operated by the Mexican Mafia and are manned by Mexican nationals, many of them illegals. While many of these individuals carry weapons, Burr says there have been no altercations so far this year.

Next week, AM 1450 KVML will air a five part series entitled “Weed In Tuolumne County” at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 on the Morning News.

Written by Bill Johnson