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Cold Weather Is Not Bad News For All Grape Growers

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Sonora, CA — Some wine grape growers say their vines are about ready to break because of this spring´s unseasonably cold weather.

However in the Mother Lode, that is not the case. Jim Costello of Mt. Brow Winery says their vines are doing just fine.

He says in the warmer climates where the buds have broken out the cold weather is very bad news.

Reports indicate there has been some frost damage reported among early varieties of grapes.

Some farmers even think the clusters this year may be smaller than last because of cloudy and rainy weather, but Costello is very optimistic.

He says cold weather can even be good for the vines because they have a chance to be dormant and come out with a strong crop when the weather warms up.

Growers all over California are hoping for a dry spell as buds open.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh