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Stardust Capsule To Return Home In Grand Style

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Sonora, CA — A historic spectacle in the night sky above the western part of the country is expected to make its appearance at about 2:00 tomorrow morning.

The Stardust spacecraft is expected to re-enter the earth´s atmosphere in spectacular fashion after spending seven years in space.

Scientists say the craft will be traveling at just under 30,000 miles an hour as it makes entry.

Weather permitting, the spacecraft can be seen by Mother Lode residents low in the northern sky moving eastward. Forecasters say the rain and clouds may roll out of the area by then.

However forecasters are warning that tonight´s full moon may also hamper viewing.

Despite the potential impediments, several die hard star gazers say they plan to go out to attempt to see the craft anyway.

The mission of the spacecraft was to collect particulate matter from the tail of a comet in the far reaches of the solar system.

Written by Eric Nelson