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New Laws To Take Effect With Arrival Of New Year

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Sacramento, CA — The beginning of 2006 means several new laws enacted by the legislature during the 2005 session have taken effect.

As an ongoing legislative effort to combat elder financial abuse, banks must now report any suspected abuse cases to federal authorities.

Also, victims of child sexual abuse will be allowed to testify in court via closed circuit television from another room.

New laws affecting drivers bring about the Car Buyer´s Bill of Rights, which requires car dealers to offer used-car buyers a two-day cancellation option which will allow the car to be returned under certain conditions.

Another regulation now says drivers holding provisional licenses fro less than six months cannot drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Those drivers also cannot have passengers younger that 20 years old unless they are accompanied by a licensed driver older than 25.

Other laws taking effect put restrictions on body piercing to minors, agressive dog ownership and soft drink sales in high schools.

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