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Paramount Pictures Takes Interest In Calaveras County

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San Andreas, Ca — Calaveras County has caught the eye of a top Hollywood production and film distribution company.

Visitors Bureau and Film Commission Executive Director Lisa Reynolds says that a location scout from Paramount Pictures has contacted her office, and is considering Calaveras County for a scene in an upcoming $130 million feature film.

“Calaveras County is a great place because we have such varied terrain,” says Reynolds. She notes that Paramount is looking for a rocky, barren area and has a rock quarry in mind.

Reynolds says that the scout contacted the Visitors Bureau and Film Commission after seeing Carson Hill featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel´s Mythbusters that was shown at the California on Location Awards Ceremony last month.

“I think we are really starting to get looked at for different things,” says Reynolds. “The more scouts that are exposed to our area, the greater visibility we have, and the more diversity they will see.”

On another note, the Discovery Channel´s Mythbusters crew returned to Calaveras County earlier this month to test a myth at All Rock in San Andreas. Reynolds does not know if the myth was “busted,” but the results will be shown in an upcoming episode.

Written by BJ Hansen