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Backpacker Goes Missing In Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite, Ca — A large-scale search is underway in Yosemite National Park for missing backpacker Ottorrina “Terrina” Bonaventura.

Park Spokesperson Adrienne Freeman says the 80-year-old was last seen Monday near the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. Bonaventura is from Indiana, and was hiking with three other friends who are part of a hiking club. Bonaventura walked back to her camp alone to check on the food supply, and was not seen again.

“We spent yesterday looking at trails in the area,” says Freeman. “Today, we are doing what is called a segmented search. We are actually dividing the area into segments and searching through it not just for her, but also for clues that might lead to her whereabouts.”

Bonaventura is described as 5´0” tall, with dyed blond hair and brown eyes. She is an experienced hiker, but has a history of memory loss. Freeman says over 100 people, including foot patrol, air patrol, and dog teams have joined in the effort. Anyone with information on Bonaventura´s whereabouts should call 209-372-0778.

Written by BJ Hansen