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T.N.T. Enjoys Record Setting Week

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Sonora, CA — Label it a record setting week for the Tuolumne Narcotics Team.

Already this year, T.N.T., a unit of the Sheriff´s Department, has eradicated a little more than 42,000 marijuana plants. Thursday and Friday of this past week, the team set a two-day record with 24,217 plants destroyed in the Marsh´s Flat area and in the Stanislaus National Forest off Italian Bar Road at Five Mile Creek, Clark´s Gulch, Rose Creek 1 and Rose Creek 2.

Friday Case Agent Jarrod Pippin´s team was assisted by CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) agents from the state. At the end of the nine hour day five two-man teams had pulled 15,145 plants for a single day record.

The teams were flown into the extremely rough terrain on a 100 foot long line by Justin Jones, a 25 year old pilot for P.J. Helicopters from Red Bluff. The helicopter then flew the plants to the landing zone to be destroyed by a chipper.

Written by Bill Johnson