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State Officials Warn Boaters About Quagga Mussels

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Sacramento, CA — With Memorial Day weekend upon us and boating being a favorite way to spend the holiday, state officials are reminding boaters to be aware of the Quagga Mussel.

The state Department of Fish and Game says the ecosystem-killing species was discovered this January in Nevada and Arizona.

The department says if the mussel gets established in California, it can alter the ecology of the state´s water bodies and cause maintenance problems for water suppliers.

So, boaters are urged to be careful not to import the mussels over the weekend.

Vehicles with boat trailers are asked to be patient, as checkpoints will be set up for inspections.

Boaters should:

– Inspect all exposed surfaces. Quagga mussels will feel like sandpaper.

– Thoroughly wash the hull once it is out of the water.

– Drain all water out of the vessel

– Dispose of all bait in the trash.

Additionally, any vessel traveling from Lake Mead or the Colorado River should remain dry and out of water for five days.

Since January inspectors at checkpoints have found and cleaned seven boats that carried adult Quaggas.

For more information, contact 1-866-440-9530.

Written by Vanessa Turner.