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Easy On The Tap

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Sonora, CA – If the lights do go off this weekend, local water officials are requesting customers to use the tap sparingly.

Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) is urging customers to be prepared for the possible outage by storing extra water at residences, conserving water and limiting outdoor faucet use until the power is restored. District spokesperson Lisa Westbrook warns, “While TUD anticipates minimal service interruption, an extended power outage could result in reduced water pressure or loss of water in some service areas.”

That was the experience of some customers in past power outages and the same can expect in this one, according to Westbrook. The District will provide updates as they become available.

As earlier reported here, Calaveras County Water District is also asking customers to conserve water uses during PG&E’s power cut-offs. They also caution customers with electric septic tank pumps that there is a potential for overflows if use is continued without a backup generator.