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Southern Hispanic Inmates Responsible For Continued Unrest At S.C.C.

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Jamestown, CA — Southern (California) Hispanics have been the cause of the majority of incidents during the past year at the Sierra Conservation Center.

According to Lt. Kenny Calhoun, of the 10 recorded incidents seven or eight of them have been directly caused by southern California Hispanics.

Calhoun says southern Hispanics make up 30-40% of the prison´s overall population. He adds that whenever you have a large number of a single ethnicity group in a prison, you have the potential for serious problems.

Recently a non-Hispanic inmate became involved in an altercation with an Hispanic. Immediately four to five other Hispanics joined in the fight to protect one of their own.

The southern Hispanics are generally members of street gangs. According to Calhoun these inmates are not to be confused with members of the Mexican Mafia prison gang.

According to prison officials, the best method of combating these altercations at the Jamestown facility is constant direct communication with the inmates.

Written by Bill Johnson