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C.H.P.’s Mike Remmel Is Back … Almost

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Jamestown, CA — 17 year C.H.P. veteran Mike Remmel is back in the office, but he awaits a return to fulltime officer status.

Remmel lost his right foot and almost his entire left leg when he was hit by truck driven by 80 year old Bernice Martinez of Avery January 10, 2006 on Hwy 49 near Parrots Ferry Rd. Remmel was thrown 23 feet in the air.

From that point on, Remmel says all events unfolded in his favor. The tow truck driver attending to the accident Remmel was covering created a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. It took only three minutes for an ambulance to arrive. A helicopter was prepared for the flight to Modesto. Overall only 23 minutes elapsed from the time of the accident to Remmel´s arrival at the hospital for the surgery … one of seven that he has endured.

Three hours of physical training five days a week; that´s the diet faced by Remmel as he continues his recovery. He can even laugh about the fact that by being fitted with artificial feet he was allowed to select his own shoe size. He was a 12 … now he´s a ten-and-a-half.

Remmel has one year from the date of his return to the office (Jan. 10) to pass all the needed tests so he can be reinstated to fulltime officer status. He says the most difficult part of the testing will be completing the 100 yard dash in 20 seconds. For the time being the father of a 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son is spending his time in the C.H.P. office. He is not permitted to drive a law enforcement vehicle (although he can drive), wear his uniform or carry a weapon.

Remmel adds that he now has a greater appreciation for serving the public as a C.H.P. officer than he ever has in his 19 year career.

Written by Bill Johnson

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