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Columbia College Receives $35,000 Grant

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Columbia, CA — Columbia College has received a $35,000 grant from the California Department of Conservation for its recycling program.

Of the final 61 proposals for the 2008-2009 Beverage Container Recycling Grant of $7,200,000 only 13 were selected for a total funding of $1,500,000.

Columbia´s grant will be used for purchasing campus recycling stations, consumer education and funding for a part-time student worker to assist in coordination.

Currently volunteers operate the campus recycling program. Last spring the college sustainability committee set up cardboard boxes as collection sites to receive recyclable materials.

The new grant will provide CRV recycling stations that are easily recognizable and convenient to use. From the campus´ Operations Manager Jon Sterling, “We hope to reduce the school´s waste stream by 20 cubic yards per month. In addition we will accept office paper, catalogs and other printed waste materials for recycling.”

Raelene Juarez was the principal author-coordinator of the grant application. She was assisted by Julia Stephens.

Written by Bill Johnson